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Prevention of late postpneumonectomy complications using a 3D printed lung in dog models [BASIC SCIENCE]


Repositioning of the mediastinum with implantation of a prosthesis seems the favoured approach to treat late complications of pneumonectomy caused by mediastinal shift. However,the traditional prostheses are not designed specifically for use in the thoracic cavity,sometimes resulting in failure of treatment for many reasons. The aim of our study was to [...]

[Editorial] Science Advances

The mission of the nonprofit American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS),the publisher of Science,is to advance science for the benefit of all humankind. Science contributes to that mission by communicating the very best research across the full range of scientific fields to an extremely broad international audience. The research enterprise has [...]

Stroke Literature Synopses:Clinical Science [Stroke Literature Synopses:Clinical Science]

Stroke ASAP

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This Week in Science

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Science Awards Best Paper of the Year to Albert Einstein College of Medicine

A study led by Albert Einstein College of Medicine researcher Dr. Scott Emmons has been named the most outstanding Science paper published last year by AAAS. Dr. Emmons’paper describes the complete wiring diagram for the part of the nervous system that controls mating behavior in male roundworms. Newswise:MedNews

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This Week in Science

Observing the Upturn | Curving Crystals | Predictable Behavior | LEAFY Evolution | Sculpting Actomyosin | Easy M | Causing Chloride Changes | The Switch That Doesn’t | Weathering Heights | Stochasticity and Cell Fate | The Message in the Medium | Interacting and Topological | Viral ESCRT | From Channel to Sensor Science:Current [...]

With Uganda anti-gay bill alive,clinicians,researchers seek to answer President Museveni’s questions on science,homosexuality

When Uganda President Yoweri Museveni considered the latest version of an “anti-homosexuality bill”the nation’s parliament passed just before Christmas,he had,as the cliche has it,more questions than answers. Some of his questions concerned the correctness of the parliamentary procedure with which the bill was passed,some with how much,or how [...]

Ahead of Super Bowl,a Push to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking —The Christian Science Monitor

Stacy Teicher Khadaroo reports:“There are disputes about whether sex trafficking spikes in advance of events such as the Super Bowl,and some prominent anti-trafficking organizations say it would be difficult to document such a trend. Nevertheless,a coordinated effort is often launched to boost the training of hotel and transportation workers as well as [...]

This Week in Science

Battle of the Sexes | Neurodegenerative Genetics | Early Separation | Acoustically Isolated | Disorderly Flow | Big MACs | Surveying Savannas | Repairing the Brain | A Matter of Timing | Eggs Well Done Science:Current Issue

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This Week in Science

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