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Distance Learning Improves Attainment of Professional Milestones in the Early Years of Surgical Training

Objectives:To assess the impact of a surgical sciences e-learning programme in supporting the academic development of surgical trainees during their preparation for professional examination. Background:In 2007,a 3-year online part-time Master of Surgical Sciences (MSc) degree programme was launched,utilizing an innovative platform with virtual case scenarios based on common surgical conditions addressed [...]

Compassion Fatigue:What Is It? Why Does It Matter? Recognizing the Symptoms,Acknowledging the Impact,Developing the Tools to Prevent Compassion Fatigue,and Strengthen the Professional Already Suffering From the Effects

Sherry E. ShowalterJun 1,2010;27:239-242 Am J Hosp Palliat Care:Most-Read Full-Text Articles

The Influence of the Metaparadigm of Nursing on Professional Identity Development Among RN-BSN Students

Rebecca C. Lee,Jacqueline FawcettJan 1,2013;26:96-98Essays on Nursing Science Nurs Sci Q:Most-Read Full-Text Articles

The Write Stuff:How Good Writing Can Enhance Patient Care and Professional Growth

Life is short,said Hippocrates,the art long. Human lifespan has lengthened substantially in the 2400 years since the Father of Medicine wrote,but these gains have been dwarfed by the explosive discoveries that have revolutionized the art and science of medicine. The American Journal of Medicine

Career Suicide Or Lifesaver? Why A Professional Foodie Went Vegetarian

Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan took a bit of a professional risk this week by publicly declaring his vegetarianism. He’s not alone:Many Americans say they’ve cut back on meat in recent years,and like Yonan,they cite health as a primary concern.

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A Literature Review of Health Care Professional Attitudes Toward Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Maida J. Sewitch,Monica Cepoiu,Nicole Rigillo,Donald SprouleOct 1,2008;13:139-154Article Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary &Alternative Medicine:Most-Read Full-Text Articles

Recommendations for Blood Pressure Measurement in Humans and Experimental Animals:Part 1:Blood Pressure Measurement in Humans:A Statement for Professionals From the Subcommittee of Professional and Public Education of the American Heart Association Council on High Blood Pressure Research

Thomas G. Pickering,John E. Hall,Lawrence J. Appel,Bonita E. Falkner,John Graves,Martha N. Hill,Daniel W. Jones,Theodore Kurtz,Sheldon G. Sheps,Edward J. RoccellaJan 1,2005;45:142-161AHA Scientific Statement Hypertension:Most-Cited Full-Text Articles

Los Angeles Professional Services Community Raises $100,000 for Nation’s #1 Respiratory Hospital on June 2 at Cocktails for a Ca

Professional Services leaders in Los Angeles raised $ 100,000 on June 2 at the Cocktails for a Cause benefit for National Jewish Health National Jewish Health News