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Meta-analysis:Its strengths and limitations

ESTEBAN WALKER,ADRIAN V. HERNANDEZ,MICHAEL W. KATTANJun 1,2008;75:431-439Review Cleve Clin J Med:Most-Read Full-Text Articles

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Limitations of the Mini-Mental State Examination

Richard I. Naugle,Katherine KawczakMay 1,1989;56:277-281Contribution Cleve Clin J Med:Most-Cited Full-Text Articles

Meta-analysis:Its strengths and limitations

ESTEBAN WALKER,ADRIAN V. HERNANDEZ,MICHAEL W. KATTANJun 1,2008;75:431-439Review Cleve Clin J Med:Most-Cited Full-Text Articles

The association of body-mass index and depressed mood with knee pain and activity limitations in knee osteoarthritis:results from the Amsterdam osteoarthritis cohort

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders Orthopedics News

A Prospective Assessment Defining the Limitations of Thyroid Nodule Pathologic Evaluation

Chinese translation Background:

Clinical management of thyroid neoplasms is based on light microscopic diagnosis,but its accuracy and precision are poorly defined. Objective:

To assess inter- and intraobserver variability of preoperative cytopathologic and postoperative histopathologic thyroid diagnoses. Design:

Samples were collected in a prospective,multicenter trial validating a gene expression classifier between June 2009 [...]

Vitamin D deficiency in elderly linked to functional limitations

Older adults with vitamin D deficiency are more likely than those with adequate vitamin D levels to have functional limitations,findings from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam suggest.


Internal Medicine News

Reciprocity Between Depressive Symptoms and Physical Limitations Pre- and Postretirement:Exploring Racial Differences

Objectives:This study assesses (a) the reciprocity between mental and physical health pre- and postretirement,and (b) the extent to which these associations vary by race. Method:Data are from the 1994 to 2008 waves of the Health and Retirement Study. Results:Analyses based on structural equation modeling reveal that depression and physical health [...]

Gene silencing may be responsible for induced pluripotent stem cells’limitations

Investigators from the MGH Center for Regenerative Medicine and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute have found that an important cluster of genes is inactivated in induced pluripotent stem cells —cells generated from adult tissue that have many characteristics of embryonic stem cells —that do not have the full development potential of embryonic stem [...]

Hypertension in Older Adults:Progress and Limitations

SEE RELATED ARTICLE p. 981 The American Journal of Medicine

The New York State Cardiac Registries:History,Contributions,Limitations,and Lessons for Future Efforts to Assess and Publicly Report Healthcare Outcomes

In 1988,the New York State Health Commissioner was confronted with hospital-level data demonstrating very large,multiple-year,interhospital variations in short-term mortality and complications for cardiac surgery. The concern with the extent to which these differences were due to variations in patients’pre-surgical severity of illness versus hospitals’quality of care led to the [...]