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Basic Questions and Answers about Post-Exposure Prophylaxis or PEP

Basic questions and answers about post-exposure prophylaxis have been added to the HIV website. CDC HIV/AIDS Prevention

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Basic research: MK2 and p53—a lethal pairing

Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology 11, 3 (2014). doi:10.1038/nrclinonc.2013.232

Author: Mina Razzak

Given the proven difficulty of modifying p53 as a means to control cancer, much research has focused on identifying targets that confer synthetic lethality to tumours that harbour mutations in TP53. Now, researchers have shown that loss of MAP kinase-activated protein kinase 2 […]

Stroke Literature Synopses: Basic Science [Stroke Literature Synopses: Basic Science]

Stroke ASAP

New: HIV Prevention Basic Questions and Answers

HIV is preventable. Find out more about how testing, condoms, safer sex, and biomedical options can lower the risk for you and your partners. Some frequently asked questions and their answers have been added to the site. CDC HIV/AIDS Prevention

Basic research: A physiological role for KCC3 and KCC4 in the kidney

Nature Reviews Nephrology 9, 694 (2013). doi:10.1038/nrneph.2013.217

KCl cotransporters help maintain cellular osmotic homeostasis, but little is known about their role in the kidney. Melo et al. report that two such cotransporters, KCC3 and KCC4, function in the proximal tubule and collecting duct, respectively. The authors analysed KCC3 and KCC4

Nature Reviews […]

Sodium and water retention in heart failure and diuretic therapy: basic mechanisms.

Domenic A SicaJun 1, 2006; 73:2-2Review Cleve Clin J Med: Most-Cited Full-Text Articles

Palliative medicine and geriatric emergency care: Challenges, opportunities, and basic principles

This article presents an overview of palliative care in the emergency department. EPERC Articles

Stroke Literature Synopses: Basic Science [Stroke Literature Synopses: Basic Science]

Stroke ASAP

Basic Research on Myocarditis Superb But Unrequited ∗

Considerable progress has been made at the basic research level in our understanding of the molecular pathophysiology of myocarditis, as exemplified by the eloquent report of Weithauser et al. (1) in this issue of the Journal. Journal of the American College of Cardiology Current Issue

Sally Kornbluth, vice dean for basic science at Duke, named to Institute of Medicine

DURHAM, N.C. – Sally Kornbluth, Ph.D., the James B. Duke Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology and Vice Dean for Basic Science at Duke University School of Medicine, has been elected as one of 70 new members to the prestigious Institute of Medicine (IOM). “This is a tremendous and well-deserved honor for Dr. Kornbluth,” said […]