There have been many campaigns against smoking in the past two decades. This is mainly due to the fact that it has been proven without a doubt that the effect of tobacco smoke is extremely bad for your body and health. The evidence is not contestable and you will find that there is no reason for you to continue with this practice.

But, the thing is that many things that are tasty or we like to enjoy them actually have a bad effect on our body and health. That just how things are the decision to do them is up to you.

Smoke is worst Then Nicotine

Nicotine is a substance that will contract your bloodstream, so it does have an effect on your body. Most people will describe smoking as something that calms them down, even though the effect on the body is not actually soothing. The thing is that the worst part of tobacco smoke is not in the nicotine but in the smoke.

Since tobacco is a plant it produces resign to protect itself, the resign contains nicotine in it and it is a natural pesticide repellent. When we set fire to the leaves we burn that resign and the burned resign becomes part of the smoke we inhale. Burnt resign and the water in our lungs make tar and this substance sticks to our lungs. It sticks so much that the body cannot expel it out. This part of tobacco smoking is what causes all the problems, especially the ones that are linked with the lungs.

The Health Problems

Besides influencing your lungs and damaging them it is proven that tobacco will increase your chance of cancer as well. The nicotine as we said influences your bloodstream and it can cause savvier damage to your blood vessels especially if you do not eat well and have low mobility. Once your blood flow gets decreased you will start having problems with your hearth.

Then another part of the problem is in your metabolism. Smoking will slow it down significantly and this will cause you to start having problems that are not primarily linked with smoking, all of this combined together will significantly decrease your life spend and the quality of your life in general. There is no need to mention the prices of cigarettes today, just thinking about it can be a discouragement.

Find an Alternative

Since people know all of this all ready and they still like to smoke there is only one solution to the problem and that is the electronic cigarette. Why? Because it gives you the feeling of smoking without all the harmful effects that burning tobacco leaves bring with it.


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