More than 90% of pregnant women take prescription or nonprescription (over-the-counter) drugs or use social drugs (such as tobacco and alcohol) or illicit drugs at some time during pregnancy. In general, drugs should not be used during pregnancy unless absolutely necessary because many can harm the fetus. About 2 to 3% of all birth defects result from the use of drugs other than alcohol. This fact has been stressed many times in as many different places and situations but people still make the same mistakes.

Why do we like to do things that are bad for us? There is no easy answer to this question and one can even say that there is no answer to this question because many doctors are still not sure what exactly drives someone’s addictive behavior and how to take care of it and to eliminate it from someone’s life altogether.

Watching out for Yourself

The thing is everyone knows what they have to do to keep their health safe, especially when they are pregnant and expecting a child. The primary focus, of course, becomes the child and its health and this is the time most people choose to stop with their bad habit and start making changes in their diet or they stop smoking and drinking.

In any case, this can be a hard time for people, especially because some of the things we use in a recreational context make us feel good and happy. But one has to weight out the potential benefits and harms that come out of doing something and then decide how they want to continue with the habit they have.

The same thing is true for smoking. Every pregnant woman knows that smoking is bad both for them and the baby and they also know that this is something that they definitely should not do but the craving can be stronger than the voice of reason.

E-cigarettes and Pregnancy

So, you are pregnant and you do not want to surrender your smoking habit. What can you do to minimalize the harmful influence of tobacco on you and your baby? The answer is simple enough, you just have to get out and buy an e-cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are less harmful to your body but they still satisfy your craving. They are made to suit all the different smoker needs that are out there and you can choose your dose. You can even choose to smoke e-liquid without nicotine in it. The decision is up to you. The important thing you should know is that this habit will definitely keep both of you happy and safe from the harmful effects of tobacco.


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