The electronic pipe is a new part of the e-cigarette family and it is proving to be popular among users because of its unique design. The uniqueness coming from the fact that it resembles a classical smoking pipe but it does not use any tobacco. The principle behind it is the same as with all other members of this growing family. The smoker uses an electronic device to heat up the water vapor with nicotine that you then inhale through your mouth.

How to smoke an Electric Smoking Pipe?

The electric smoking pipe is similar in all regard to other electric cigarettes the only difference is in the shape of the gadget because it resembles a smoking pipe. Here are the steps you need to take to start smoking.

1 Buy a Kit

The first thing you want to do is to go to the store and buy an electronic pipe smoking kit, make sure you do the research and get the design you like because you don’t want to be stuck smoking something that you do not like and you think it is ugly. The starter kit is your best option if you are a beginner because it will give you all the necessary components you need to start smoking. This means that you will get a pipe, rechargeable batteries, a charger, and the e-liquid.

2 Charge your Battery

The energy you need to power your e-pipe is minimal but you still want to make sure that your battery is all charged up so you do not have to worry about that at all. Once you have charged it you will have enough energy to smoke for a couple of days. The batteries in the kits are pretty much standard all round so you do not have to think about the differences that much.

3 Put in the Liquid Cartridge

This first of all means that you chose what kind of e-liquid you want. The choices are many and you will find it difficult to choose which one you really want to use. There are many flavors and there are also different quantities of nicotine in the liquid so make sure you figure all that out first. If you chose a starter kit you will get it with the liquid filled in cartridges that you can change once they are empty.

After making the necessary decisions you just have to open your pipe put in the battery and then put in the liquid holder, close it up and then you can start smoking.

4 Start Smoking

The last part, after you bought your kit, figured out its parts, charged your battery and placed all the right parts where they should be you can start smoking and enjoying the thick and tasty smoke coming out of your new e-pipe.


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