Since vaping has become such a fab among people there is always a need for new products on the market. This is why vape pens have so many manufacturers and brands and we can expect even more in the future. This competitive trend has made the market an exciting place that offers a lot of differently priced products for us to enjoy.

Before you decide what you want to purchase exactly, you should probably check what is there on offer out there. That’s why review articles like this can be really helpful before you spend money on anything particular.

EonSmoke Products

EonSmoke is a company that designs and manufactures their own branded electronic cigarettes that come in several different packages. Some of the products are original in their design while others represent copies of other companies’ products. The company produces a range of products like vape starter kits and vape juices.

Disposable E-cigarettes

They are practical for users who do not want to deal with recharging cables and other clutter that is associated with rechargeable e-cigarettes. They are packed into separate packages with liquid bottles already filed, you can choose between many different flavors, and you get about 400 puffs/ 30mg strong. Once you have used them up you can just throw them away and take a new flavored one and start a new round.

The Slim Starter Kit

If you are looking for a more elegant solution for your e-cigarette they have the slims model designed for you. This is an excellent starter kit for the people who are not yet sure enough if they will continue with vaping. This kit comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and it also includes a slim vape tank and a USB charger.

Classic Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kit

This kit is designed to give you all the features of e-cigarette for those of you who are just starting out, with the advantage of including disposable flavored cartages for you to enjoy different tasting smoke. Besides the mentioned cartages you will get a regular cigar styled cylinder with a lithium battery and a USB charger. They are excellent as a plug and play tole because they are not suited for e-liquid recharging due to the fact that their filing is changeable and limited in the amount of liquid it can take.

Starter Kit with Liquid Tank

This e-cigarette package is not so different compared to the other ones that were described before, the only difference to the other ones is in the fact that they come with a rechargeable holder for the e-liquid. They are recommended for smokers who are more certain in their choice of the taste and intensity of the smoke they want coming out of their electronic cigarettes.


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