There is no point in going around this topic, what we want to determine is what exactly is the difference between the two different types of refiling of your e-cigarettes and how do we go about the business of doing it.

The difference is of course on the method that you use to change your filling and continue with the enjoyment in the smoke. But let’s go over some basics first.

The Basics

If you were wondering about how to refill e-cig cartridge we will go over some of the basics. The main feature of every electronic cigarette or smoke pen that we use is in the liquid it uses to make the smoke and give us an effect of smoking a cigarette without the dangerous side effects.

Every e-cigarette will have a specially designed part in its construction that is pre-determined to store the liquid. This part is the most important and you should look out for it because the model will determine if you get enough liquid when you need it. Don’t go overboard with the model you buy and think about whether you can find all it needs to be refiled.

You should not worry about the task being too complicated for you because the design is so well thought through that it is easy for everyone to learn how to use them and change the filling whenever they want. Usually, it does not take more than 3 minutes to finish the entire process, so don’t worry about losing time on it.

The Difference

The main difference between e-liquid and e-liquid cartridge is in the packaging. The first option comes in bigger dosed bottles that are well suited for heavy smokers who have a need for changing the liquid often because they use it all up. The holders for the liquid are made so you can easily use them to refile the compartment in the e-cigarette that is designed as part of the whole package rather than something you have to buy and change all the time.

The cartridge is different because it comes prepared and you just have to change it. This means that there is no refilling and you can use it as soon as you get it out of the package and in the e-

cigarette. This method is more convenient and it is more often employed by smokers who smoke less because they do not need as much liquid as regular smokers.

Both types of liquid come in same doses and intensities and you can use them in pretty much the same way. The main difference is in the amount you want to use and the frequency you change the liquid. You should first start with the cartages and then when you are surer about your smoking habits you can change to liquid.


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