The market for electronic cigarettes is growing and ever so often you can find new products. Everyone is familiar with the e-cigarettes that are becoming a substitute for tobacco and they are proving to be extremely popular amount the smokers. People have given a lot of thought to their design and manufacturing so you can have the wanted effect without much fuss and time being spend on preparing everything.

But, there are endless needs that have to be satisfied and consumers are eager to find the right solution for their desires the same is true for the electronic cigarette market. Soon after introducing this new invention to the market a newcomer came and it is the e-cigar.

Rechargeable E-cigar and its Features

The rechargeable e-cigar is of course another tobacco product that has been copied and produced in the form of a vape pen. This one looks like a Cuban cigar and it is proving to be popular. Their design is massive and they are made to resemble the shape and texture of a big fat cigar, but they lack all the harmful parts that you want to avoid.

The logic behind their design is the same as any other e-cigarette. You will get a holder for you’re the e-liquid that is either built in the design or it is made so you can change. This depends on what you want to do: you can either recharge it or change the pre-filed holders by yourself. The last part is the battery that is also built in the design of the cigar.

Here are two of the models that you can find on the market and the features they bring with them. There are many more choices but the ones described here are some of the best that are out there at the moment. You can find ones that have special designs that do not resemble real Cuba cigars but have more elegant and modern look.

Apollo E-Cigar

This cigar is designed by an American company that works with their customers to design the best-looking models. They also have their own laboratory and they are intent on making their own e- juice especially suited for the smoke their clients prefer. Plus, the design is so accurate that you could mistake it for the real thing and the price is very affordable.

The Antonio Villard E-Cigar

They are one of the most popular ready to use cigar that you can find on the market. They are designed to be used straight out of the package with no need to recharge them. The design features they implemented make them look the part. They produce thick smoke and you can get them at an average price.


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