The answer to this question is simple enough. E-cigarettes are definitely safer than smoking and the reasons for this are numerous. Their extreme popularity in the past years is mostly due to this fact and the prohibition on smoking cigarettes in public spaces that have been in place for some time now.

But before you understand why they are much safer than conventional cigarettes we should go over some basic facts so you can see the logic behind it all.

What makes it safer?

The main reason that the e-cigarettes are safer then the regular ones is in the fact that they do not have to burn organic material to produce smoke. As some of you might deduce from the name of the gadget the main focus of the smoke pen is in the vapor that it produces.

What does this mean? Conventional cigarettes burn tobacco leaves to produce smoke that has nicotine in them, the harmful part of this method is in the smoke itself. Because the leaves have natural resin on them once it burns it creates tar and it sticks to our lungs creating breathing problems for us and even damaging our health significantly. The harmful effect of cigarettes has been discussed many times and there is no need for us to go over the same facts again.

Vape pens or electronic cigarettes have a different logic to them, they use liquid vapor to create the smoke and the feeling that is associated with its inhaling. The difference being in the fact that they use an electronic mechanism to heat the liquid and produce smoke without having to burn organic matter and in the process create harmful elements that will come into our body.

Does E-liquid have Harmful Effects?

The liquid itself is not harmful because it is mostly made out of water that then evaporates and we inhale it and exhale it into the atmosphere. The harmful part of the combination can be the nicotine, but it is not so problematic for our organism like the tar and carbon-monoxide filed smoke that we find in conventional cigarettes.

The truth is that the smoke coming out of smoke pens is just water vapor enhanced with nicotine and artificial flavors. This basically makes it as harmless as possible for us to take into our longs and the effect is no different than walking into a stim filed room that is scented with some essential oils.

If you are still wondering if you should change your smoking habit there is only one decision for you to make and that is to make a transition to the new and less harmful e-cigarettes. They will give you the feeling of smoke in your lungs and the kick of the cigarette without causing long-term medical issues for you, that you will have to coup with all through your life.


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